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"What Are People Saying About Me!?"


Bridal Brunch!

"Roxi is FANTASTIC! We hosted a Bridal Brunch and it was by far the most fun shower I have ever been to! I would highly recommend Roxi and crew for any event you want to have a great time at!"

-Amanda Mithun


Minnesota Film Fest (Oscar Night)

" The Minnesota Film Fest Oscar Party such an amazing event! Roxi did such a fantastic job not only hosting, and performing but working the Red Carpet. She is my top choice for hosting any event. She has Style, She had Talent, She is Funny And Charming! Would 100% Recommend!"



Roxi's Drag Show

"There is never a dull moment at one of Roxi's shows! Everything from the jokes she makes to the actual performance is just awesome! Her show was the first Drag Show I've ever been to and now she has me HOOKED!

-Alex Olivo


Murder Mystery Party

"I attended a Murder Mystery event (Trailer Park Tragedy) where Roxi was one of the cast, and she was BRILLIANT! Definitely kicked it up a notch with her hilarious contributions. By the end of the night, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Do not miss an opportunity to see Roxi Manacoochi perform! "

-Farrah Salazar Mohr

A Very Covid Christmas (Facebook LIVE)

" You would have never known that this show was not the original plan. Roxi and Crew sure know how to take lemons and make lemonade. The Facebook LIVE Christmas Show was hilarious, heart warming, and a great addition to our holidays at home. We cant wait for the inperson shows to continue. Roxi brings such joy during these uncertain Times!"

- Janet Cebalm


Front Yard (Socially Distant) Shows

"If you are looking for a drag show with LIVE vocals that keeps the energy going in a casual setting, then Roxi's front yard show is the place to be! Not only will you hear great music performed by Roxi and her back-up entertainers, but you will get to experience the themed costume changes, and choreography as if you are watching it on stage!  Best part is, it's outside in the comfort of your own lounge chair or blanket and its free to attend! Just make sure to bring those dollars to tip Roxi and the crew for the fabulous entertainment." 

- Jon Pallas

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